September ‘23

I’ve been working on a project with the lovely product and brand teams at︎︎︎ for the past few months and have just finished up. I’m now getting stuck into a few brand and web projects, exploring Framer, Jitter and some 3D with what little time I have left over. 

Currently working on a project with the UK/US team at the experience design agency Huge︎︎︎

Spent the summer chasing the kids around the new house for a few weeks whilst trying to fix it up a bit, there’s a lot to do. Had a few trips to Devon and Cornwall and bought a new surfboard (the water’s been a bit grim though).

Neal FrancisChanges (︎Music)
Fearless Creative Leadership︎︎︎ — Charles Day (Apple Podcasts)

The Creative Act︎︎︎ — Rick Rubin

Has been mainly UK based this past 6 months — Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and exploring Bannau Brycheiniog. 

This is a ‘now page

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