May — July ‘24


Launched a new site for the incredible choreographers Wang Ramirez︎︎︎ and helped Ai company︎︎︎ smarten things up with a new site and brand. Tweaking the Turn Up︎︎︎site for a new late Summer event (soon!), and a few new things on the Identity︎︎︎ page.


Hanging with the kids and making things.


Electric Wizards. 

Jan —March ‘24


Currently designing and protoyping some iOS product work for a new client and a couple of exciting new branding projects. I have some availability April onwards, drop me a line if you’d like to chat ︎


Insulating a leaky house, fixing things and making a bit of a mess. Bought some sledges, it didn’t snow snowed for a cool 12 hrs. Tinkering with the EP-133 K.O. II︎︎︎, which isn’t as straighforward as the videos︎︎︎ make it seem.


Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism︎︎︎
— Yanis Varoufakis

July — Dec ‘23

I’ve been working on a project with the lovely product and brand teams at︎︎︎ for the past few months and have just finished up, then onto a project with the UK/US team at the experience design agency Huge︎︎︎


Moved house. Exploring Framer, Jitter and some 3D with what little time I have left over.

Mainly UK based this past 6 months — Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and exploring Bannau Brycheiniog in a Landie.


The Creative Act︎︎︎ — Rick Rubin

Neal FrancisChanges︎︎︎ (︎Music)

Fearless Creative Leadership︎︎︎
— Charles Day (︎Podcasts)

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