A multichannel digital & physical
ecosystem for a modern home

Creative Director

TV Operating System + iOS App

UX Design, UI Design, Product Strategy



SFR had augmented its business as technology advanced and opportunities emerged – mobile, broadband, entertainment, home automation – and like everyone else, the result was the same: silos. And, just like everyone else, they were fighting the dual threat of wafer-thin margins and high-churn rates. They needed to start again.

SFR’s question was as simple as it was complex — “Can you show us our future and then make it?”

Over 12 months my digital team worked together with the industrial design team to uncover a new understanding of what a truly compelling and blended physical & digital cloud based streaming product looked like, the business processes behind it and the way in which it would be set up and sold. The core concept was centered around a modular plug-and-play set-top box, as new modules were added relevant services would also be updated. The system could be extended to games, a home automation system and a home wirefree audio setup accessible from any device, providing a completely cohesive user experience.

Voice and machine-learning brought new forms of control, viewing habits could drive recommendations, we built a service that could learn. The culmination of this work was SFR Passport: the first intelligent, voice-activated TV service in France.

Sidenote: This project was created before the release of the AppleTV iOS8 update and Amazon Fire TV, so we were very ahead of the curve in understanding the customer needs of a modern streaming service.


Successful test and rollout to selected customers across France.


Rob Lawrence, Rick Jones, Marcus Quarta, Gemma Lord, Leslie Quarcoopome, Andrew Sims, Campbell Orme, Matthew Higham.

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